Valuable Reasons for Learning a Second Language

1. Financial Benefits

In an increasingly globalized world, being able to communicate with individuals with other language preferences is a huge marketing tool. In 2014, the Economist ran an article reviewing the return on investment one could expect by speaking a second language. The data reviewed suggested that over time a bilingual individual could expect additional earnings on average of $55,000 and ranged from $51,000-$128,000 depending on the language you spoke. Financial benefits are just one aspect of why you may want to learn another language, but money isn’t the only thing.

2. A Sharper Mind

An article in Science, recently reviewed how speaking a second language subconsciously helps you to perceive situations through different lenses. Being able to switch back and forth between goal-oriented and process perspectives can be really beneficial when trying to solve a problem.

3. Increased Cultural Competence 

Learning a second language can help increase your ability to decode social and nonverbal cues that may be difficult to interpret without knowledge of the language. The Rivard Report discusses how learning a second language involves learning the language itself, as well as cultural behavior and thought.



Language Learner: Seleste Mills
Native Language:
Second Language: Spanish
Learning Language: Arabic

Language Learner: Karen Eaton
Native Language: English
Second Language: Spanish